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Everyone loves LEGOs – except when accidentally step on them (ouch). Imagination and creativity is one of the best parts of childhood and LEGO has never failed to allow everyone to feel like a kid again when playing with the infinity of possibilities they provide us.

And lately it has been adults who have created the most amazing LEGO sculptures like this epic Star Wars Death Star made from over 500,000 LEGO bricks and this small V8 engine that works on compressed air. This time we are gonna show you what artist Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks.

Allemann was inspired by a mythological figure called Sisyphus. In case you don’t remember your history lessons on Greek Mythology, Sisyphus was condemned because of his ambition by the king of Ephyra to push a boulder up the hill for eternity, having it roll back down again and again.

Alleman’s lifelike kinetic sculpture of this tragic Greek figure is absolutely hypnotizing. And he provides instructions and part lists for download from his site to help people replicate his sculpture.

Source: InterestingEngineering

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