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Create Date25. September 2020.
Last Updated25. September 2020.

University of Zenica
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica
Department of Production Technologies
Subject: Production technologies I, SP IDP+ SP MPT 4+1+3, 2+3 years
from 23.09.2020. years
1. AMAR ČOSIĆ, area Processing by deformation six (6)
2. SELMA DURANOVIĆ, area Processing by deformation seven (7)
3. NAIDA IMAMOVIĆ, area Processing by deforming seven (7)
4. MEDINA BEŠIĆ, region Processing by deformation seven (7)
5. BILAL RIZVIĆ, Area Processing by deformation six (6)
6. SALIH PULJARGA, area Processing by deforming six (6)
7. NEJRA MUSIĆ, area Processing by deformation six (6)
8. MIRZA TUTUN, area Processing by deformation six (6)
9. EMIR ČOLAKOVIĆ, district Zavarivanje nine (9)
10. AMINA FETIĆ, Zavarivanje osam region (8)

For those who are not satisfied with the grade, students can take the oral part of the exam, inspect the papers and enter grades on Monday, September 28, 2020. at 10:00 a.m. in the teacher's office!

Zenica, 25.09.2020. year Subject teacher:

/v.prof.dr.sc. Ibrahim Plancic/

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