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Based on Article 40 of the Law on Higher Education of the ZE-DO Canton ("Official Gazette of the ZE-DO Canton", no. 05/05), by decision of the Senate of the University of Zenica no. 854/05 of 19.10.2005. year, the Curriculum and programs of the 1st cycle studies (undergraduate studies) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica were adopted, harmonized with the ECTS system (European credit transfer system) for the departments:

  • Iengineering Dizjn Pproducts
  • Mmanagement Pproductive Technologies
  • Iengineering Echology
  • Ocitizenship
  • Iengineering and Pcapital Informatics

Each department includes attending classes and passing exams in 44 scientific disciplines, each of which contains 60 to 120 hours of lectures, auditory and laboratory exercises and a final graduation exam that includes a written paper and an oral defense. Students must also listen to lectures and exercises in at least one foreign language and computer technologies in different forms in each year of study.

The first two years of study are designed as a general type of study to acquire fundamental knowledge in mathematics, physics, dynamics, statics, resistance of materials or computer science, together with subjects that expand the general educational level (sociology of work, foreign languages, etc.). This continues in the next two years of study, which direct students more towards specialist technical knowledge than their particular work interest.

After passing all the exams according to the curriculum and passing the graduation exam (written and oral), students receive the professional title:

(with section indication)

Order no.SUBJECT


1.Mathematics I3+4
3.Draft geometry2+2
6.Mathematics II3+3
8.Material resistance I3+2
9.Computer tools in engineering1+2
10.Electrical engineering and electronics2+2
11.Technical drawing2+2
12.Mathematics III3+2
13.Surface engineering3+1
15.Machine elements I3+3
16.Engineering programming2+2
17.Non-metallic materials (IDP and IPI)2+2
18.Deformation Machining (MPT)3+2
19.Fundamentals of Ecology (IE)3+2
20.Maintenance of technical systems (O)3+2
21.Physical education0+2
23.Mechanical elements II3+3
24.Engineering computer modeling2+3
25.Production technologies I (IDP)3+2
26.Machining (MPT)3+2
27.Environmental Chemistry (IE)2+3
28.Introduction to Databases (IPI)
29.Fundamentals of Reliability of Technical Systems (O)2+3
30.Fluid mechanics3+3
31.Basics of general English1+1
Order no.SUBJECT


1.Heat transfer2+2
2.Hydraulics and pneumatics3+2
3.CAE-computer simulations3+3
4.Theory of oscillations2+2
5.Production technologies II3+2
6.Technical English 12+1
7.Theory of mechanisms and machines2+3
8.Finite element method3+3
9.Technological and sustainable design2+2
10.Material resistance II2+2
11.Transport systems2+2
12.Technical English 22+1
13.Resistance of structures3+2
14.Measuring technique3+3
15.Elective subject I2+2
16.Elective subject II2+2
17.New production technologies2+2
18.Technical English 32+1
19.Mechatronic systems3+2
20.Product testing and quality2+2
21.Methodology of engineering design3+2
22.CAD/PDM technologies and product development2+3
23.Elective subject III2+2
24.Professional practice0+4
25.Graduate work
Order no.SUBJECT


1.Theory of oscillations2+2
2.Hydraulics and pneumatics3+2
4.Machining procedures by cutting2+3
5.Processes and tools for deformation processing2+3
6.Technical English 12+1
7.Machine tools3+3
8.Machines for processing by deformation3+2
9.Tools and accessories3+2
10.Processing of non-metallic materials2+1
12.Production metrology3+2
13.Technical English 22+1
14.Automation and robotics3+2
15.Production systems2+2
16.Dynamics of processes and machines2+2
17.Internal transport3+2
18.Elective subject I2+2
19.Elective subject II2+2
20.Technical language 31+2
21.Advanced production technologies3+2
22.Unconventional processing procedures3+2
23.Product development2+1
24.Production management3+2
25.Product quality management2+2
26.Professional practice0+4
27.Graduate work
Order no.SUBJECT


1.Hydraulics and pneumatics3+2
2.Theory of oscillations2+2
3.Process automation3+2
4.Process technique3+2
5.Fuels and combustion2+2
6.Technical English 12+1
7.Mechanical engineering technology I3+2
8.Pumps, fans and compressors2+2
9.Water protection engineering3+3
10.Process measurements2+3
11.Waste management3+3
12.Technical English 22+1
13.Mechanical engineering technology II3+2
14.Air Protection Engineering2+3
15.Waste recycling3+2
16.Energy systems2+2
17.Elective subject I2+2
18.Technical English 32+1
19.Methodical construction in environmental protection engineering3+2
20.Environmental management2+2
21.Environmental technologies2+2
22.Elective subject II2+2
23.Elective subject III2+2
24.Professional practice0+4
25.Graduate work
Order no.SUBJECT


1.Theory of oscillations2+2
2.Hydraulics and pneumatics3+2
3.Mechatronic systems2+2
4.CAD technologies in maintenance2+2
5.Welding and related processes2+3
6.Technical English 12+1
7.Technical diagnostics3+2
8.Organization and engineering economy2+2
9.Management of spare parts and maintenance materials2+2
10.Means of transport2+2
11.Processing by deformation and machines3+2
12.Technical English 22+1
13.Assembly and disassembly technology2+2
14.Quality management3+2
15.Overhaul technologies2+2
16.Methods of regeneration and modification2+2
17.Cutting and machine tools3+2
18.Elective subject 12+2
19.Technical English 32+1
20.Metrology in maintenance2+2
21.Pumps, compressors and fans2+2
22.Elective subject 22+2
23.Elective subject 32+2
24.Project management2+2
25.Professional practice0+4
26.Graduate work
Order no.SUBJECT


1.Operating systems and computer networks3+3
2.Electronic business3+2
3.CAMt technologies and systems2+2
4.Modeling of business processes2+2
5.Organization and engineering economy2+2
6.Foreign Language III (English)1+1
7.Management information systems3+3
8.Production planning and management systems2+2
9.Basics of construction2+2
10.Databases 13+3
11.Elective subject 12+2
12.Foreign Language IV (English)1+1
13.Development of IT solutions and applications3+3
14.Business intelligence and decision support systems2+2
15.Entrepreneurship and innovation3+3
16.Project management2+2
17.Production technologies3+3
18.Foreign Language V (English)1+1
19.PDM/PLM technologies and product development2+3
20.Automation and robotics3+2
21.New production technologies2+2
22.Elective subject 22+2
23.Foreign Language VI (English)2+2
24.Final work